With by far the largest selection of Tequila in Oxford, you would have to get your passports ready to experience a larger selection of quality Tequila.  Joe loves tequila more than any other spirit and loves to talk about tequila just as much as drinking it.  From Patron, Don Julio and Casamigos, to the more obscure small batch varieties, Campus has the perfect tequila to suit your needs. With half a dozen bottles open on the tasting table at any given time, try before you buy, and experience the vast array of profiles that tequila has to offer.

Tequila Facts

To be classified a tequila, a spirit must be derived at least 51% from blue agave. Like wine, the taste of tequila can be influenced by the soil the agave is grown in. Tequila features five distinct classes: Silver, Gold, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo. The classifications depend on how long they’re aged, if anything is added, whether they’re blended, and more.

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