We wouldn’t be Campus WINES and Spirits without the most diverse selection in town.  Dedicated wine tastings every Wednesday from 5-7 allow our patrons to sample a wide array of wines that they may not have tried on their own.  At nearly 600 different choices, and level 2 CMS Joe Bittick on staff, let us help you pick the perfect wine for any special occasion.  Worried about trying a wine and not like it?  If we recommend a wine and you don’t like it, bring it back and we’ll find the right one for you and credit the previous purchase.  Just don’t bring us an empty bottle. 😉 “I didn’t like it, but I thought it would get better as I kept drinking it.”  All jokes aside, we strive to find the right wine for you, and we guarantee that we will or your money back.

Wine Facts

What is there to say about wine that we don’t already know? It’s made from the fermented juice of grapes of all types, but can also be made from other fruit as well. When wine is distilled, it becomes brandy. Wine ages continuously after being bottled, which is why older wines have more character and complexity.

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