Ready to drink cocktails are gaining more and more popularity every day. With bigger name brands rolling out premade margaritas, old fashioneds, mojitos, and even chocolate martinis, there’s a ready to drink cocktail for everyone.

While most stores keep their split and half split wine bottles, pints, half pints, and shooters behind the counter, we here at Campus like to put all our small format options out so you can shop with ease and leisure. With over 120 options to choose from, it’s never been easier to get the right size bottle just for you.


RTDs allow you to serve a lot of guests easily without the hassle of mixing and measuring.

When it’s nice and warm outside, it’s time to get lazy and pop a can of your favorite drink. In the past, there were margaritas made with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, but today’s RTDs offer a range of ingredients for different quality cocktails.

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